Why MonsterMedals?

MonsterMedals was created to give customers a safe place to purchase high quality medals and ribbons. With the ever expanding trade of counterfeit goods being bought upon these shores I have seen and experienced these first hand myself, the biggest surprise is that most people are not aware that the medals they have purchased are poor Asian copies and until they see the quality of real replacement medals does it become apparent that they have in fact spent money on poor quality medals.

My vision is that when someone would like to purchase one or maybe a set of medals that they would consider MonsterMedals to purchase these, knowing that they will be getting high quality British made medals.

Replacing older Medals

A Medal is something that will be passed down to generations and especially with world war 1 and world war 2 medals it can start an exciting adventure for  2nd or 3rd generation relatives to look back and remember grandfathers and great grandfathers who proudly served their country during both world wars. So therefore a medal is much more than a piece of metal, it is a symbol of courage, hard work  and most of all is something that hopefully will draw inspiration for behind every medal there is that medals own story. Unfortunately not all medals that were awarded are still with the families that they were awarded to, some were lost, some where sold when times got hard, some are probably in private collections & some never claimed, here at monstermedals we aim to be able  to provide you with the nearest thing to those medals… high quality replacements.

Current medals

These medals are designed also to be worn instead of your originals so if you are looking to have a duplicate set of medals so your originals can be kept safe and enjoyed by generations ahead, then you have come to the right place.

MonsterMedals Slogan

"Serving the hero's in your family past and present"

A hero is not just someone who has been awarded a medal  for an act of heroism while they have gone to war to protect their country, as members of our armed forces do today and have done in the past, a hero is also someone who is looked upon as a role model, someone who sets an example, like our men and women of the emergency services and who risk injury and put themselves in danger on a day to day basis to help those around us when called upon.