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Full size Nato Libya/Libye Medal

In order to qualify personnel must have between 23 mar – 31 oct 11 completed 30 days’ continuous service or 60 days’ accumulated service under the following circumstances:

(a) Those forces under Nato command or control, or in support of Nato, whilst deployed in the joint operations area (JOA).

(b) Those personnel serving exclusively on OUP, whether inside or outside the JOA, under the CISOR and supported by a formal transfer of authority.

(c) Those alliance personnel serving exclusively on OUP duties in the three HQS supporting OUP: HQ CJTF OUP Naples, HQ MC OUP Naples and HQ CFAC OUP Poggio Renatico.

(d) Those alliance personnel deployed outside the JOA exclusively in support of OUP.


Medal is provided with 6 inches of ribbon.
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Full size Nato Libya/Libye Medal Operation Unified Protector OUP

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